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Los Angeles based female voice over actor Jenn Meyer is a VO Artist, Actor, and Improvisor ( Second City, Groundlings) specializing in character voices, conversational dialogue, Promos, Trailers, animation, and singing! With her years of Improv Comedy experience as Graduate of The Second City Hollywood Improv program & Musical Improv Program current Groundlings Scholarship recipient, Jenn Meyer VO has the range you're looking for. Jenn specializes in Improv Acting/AD Libs, Dubbing, Voice-Matching and Sound-a-likes in addition to Original Character work & Dialogue Spots. You can hear LA Based VO Artist Jenn Meyer on numerous campaigns for Autonation, Red Robin, Voice Matching on Disney Channel, Aetna Healthcare, TD Bank, Columbus Zoo, & many more! 

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© 2020 Los Angeles based female Voice Over Actor Jenn Meyer VO. Jenn Meyer is a Los Angeles based Voice Over Artist is a Los Angeles, and she is a Female Voice Over Artist and Voice Over Actor with a high quality home studio.  Jenn Meyer has a home studio based in Los Angeles. She is a Voiceover Actress for Mattel, Disney, Party City and much more.  Jenn Meyer is also known as a voiceover artist and Voiceover Actress.  All Rights Reservedte-verification: