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  • The Second City - Graduate

  • The Second City - Musical Improv

  • The Groundlings

  • UCB

  • IO Improv Olympic West

Animation Voiceover

  • Bob Bergen's 8 Week animation class

  • Sue Boyajian's Animation workshop 

  • Various - Don La Fontaine's VO Lab

  • Sara Sherman 


  • Bill Holmes Compost Productions

  • Various Don La Fonataine VO lab

  • Voice Trax West

  • Mary Lynn Wissner

ADR I Looping 

  • Johnny Gidcomb (beginning and advanced)

  • Sue Boyajian's ADR workshop

  • SAG foundation Summer Program


  • Harry Dunn Promo Workshop

  • Jodi Gottlieb Private Coaching

  • Brent Allen Hagel Promo and Trailer workshop

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