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I am pleased to announce that you are a recipient of a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship.

I am very excited to announce that I'm a recipient in the very first round of The Groundlings Diversity Scholarship Program. I have been working my way back to The Groundlings for many years. After auditioning and passing many years ago - I took Basic Level 1 when I was 22 -and loved it. I was asked to repeat and could not afford to return as a young recent college grad. After learning more about the Improv world I decided a good start would be Second City - I was able to secure an Internship in the Camp to help pay for classes. I graduated both Musical Improv, and The Conservatory at Second City. After recieving the UCB Scholarship in March, I have been taking classes and learning the Harold at UCB as well. My passion is Characters and The Groundlings is known for character work so I always planned on making my way back. I look forward to being a part of the program and becoming a part of The Groundlings Community!

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