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You are a recipient of a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship

I am very fortunate to be a part of The Groundlings Diversity Scholarship Program. I have always loved The Groundlings style, and like many of my Comedy Comrades making our way through several comedy programs throughout L.A. is very common. I have completed The Conservatory and Musical Improv at The Second City, and I recently completed level 2 at UCB. In my experience The Groundlings is way more Character and Emotion focused. The classes and teachers have very high expectations, and you will be asked to repeat courses if you don't meet the expectations. Currently, I'm in intermediate and I feel my background in Comedy is serving me well, but I am still learning to add more dimension to my character work. This is serving me with my auditions very well, especially in animation. I have a lot of respect for my teachers who have all completed the Groundlings program and have either been on Sunday company, MainStage, or both - and exude passion in their teaching. I look forward to continuing the Program and taking Advanced next!

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