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Good News! You booked the Hop-arazzo role!

Every performer/actors favorite three words are You. Booked. It. What is even cooler is that I booked my very first audition with my new Agency - Commercial Talent. This was very serendipitous for many reasons. First, my agent and I had our first meeting and wore the same outfit. Black and white striped shirts w/black pants. Second, her name is only slightly different than one of my closet friends. Alicia Beekman (Agents name), Elisha Bokman (Besties Name). Third, this audition was handed off a couple days before signing because she thought it was a good fit - and she was right! I had so much fun auditioning for this role which required Ad Libs and was open to accents etc. I went ALL out and did my fave "Long Island" accent - and she responded with "Good Reads!" When I signed my paperwork the following Monday we joked - "Why don't we just make this first audition the one. Let's book this one," followed by a big hug. Sometimes you just meet the right people, and it feels like you've been friends for years! I record tomorrow at VoiceTrax west in Studio City. Can't wait!!!

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