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My first Audiobook narration!

I'm excited to share that I've voiced my first audiobook. It's always great when you can collaborate with friends! This book is written by Lauren Ashoff who happens to be my former college roommate, and close friend! Congrats to Lauren on publishing her first book! See more about Spirit Sparrow below...

Spirit Sparrow

An uplifting story of self discovery, faith and the courageous spirit that lives within all creatures, Spirit Sparrow provides a peek into the world of miraculous moments that happen all around us, every day.

Dreaming of what might lie beyond their yard’s fence, two curiously mismatched creatures long for escape and adventure but are trapped by their fears of the unknown. Days go by, each like the last, until they are forced to face a fierce Hawk who not only threatens their way of life but their very lives!

After a heart pounding, yet triumphant experience they find the courage to finally break free from the constraints of their personal fears, to pursue their hopes and dreams in the great world beyond their yard. Together they learn that even the smallest action can have the greatest impact, and that no good deed goes unseen!

You can find out more about Spirit Sparrow and purchase the book on pre-sale now to receive a free copy of the audio book!

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