Good news! Your application for FaffCon 9 - Charlotte has been approved and we look forward to seeing you in Charlotte

June 16, 2017

As a Voiceover Artist building my career - I'm always looking for opportunities to meet people, and attend conferences, seminars, classes etc. You really need to do your research when you're deciding what you want to invest in as all of these cost quite a bit of money. What appealed to me about Faffcon is they call it an "unconference" - you aren't listening to experts speak, but rather their vetting process is unique in that they try to craft a group of experts where everyone can learn from one another. I'm not sure how the break out groups work, and what exactly it will look like, but I've heard it's a "game changer" from people in the Voiceover Community, podcasts, and blogs. I am really excited to attend, and I hear this is the last year. I tried to get in last year but it sold out in minutes! I was on Stand-by, but did not make it in the conference. This year they focused on budding talent, and first time "Faffers" so I think that was my advantage in getting in this year. Looking forward to going to Charlotte N.C. in September! 



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